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Film Rankings with Explanations, Ratings, and Tiers

During quarantine, I've had the opportunity to rewatch every movie in relatively short succession. I've seen them all 2-10 times and have been a lifelong Bond fan. I enjoy every Bond film, even the "bad" ones, but I wanted to try and rank them. I used a scoring system to help me, but ultimately went with my gut (e.g. License to Kill MUST be better than The World is Not Enough). I thought a tier system of ranking was useful, because it really is splitting hairs to rank some of these. Feel free to critique my ratings, my ratings weightings, and opinions!

You could say I have too much time on my hands
Tier 7: The Worst
  1. Die Another Day: Best Sword Fight
- Why it's not irredeemable: For being the lowest ranked film on this list, it's not without its moments. Bond getting caught, tortured, then escaping from MI6 was interesting and novel. The ice hotel was neat, as well as the chase scene. I'll even defend the much maligned invisible car, as the Aston Martin Vanquish is quite a car.
- Why it's not higher: Personally, I think Halle Berry is a terrible Bond girl, alternating between damsel in distress and super woman as the plot demands it. Moreover, Graves and the plot in general is pretty cheesy and boring. Perhaps most damaging is the deadly serious tone of the movie, which doesn't even provide the fun and excitement Brosnan's films generally provide the viewer.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fencing scene is the best action scene of the entire movie. It's surprising it took Bond this long to fence, but seeing them go at it across the club was a blast.

Tier 6: Disappointing
  1. Quantum of Solace: Best Car Chase
- Why it's this high: The action is quite good, likely meriting the distinction of the best car chase in the entire series (the pre-credits sequence). Mathis is a good ally and it is sad to see him go.
- Why it's not higher: My biggest beef with Craig's Bond films is that they are too serious, so when the plot and script isn't top-notch, the movie watching experience is just kind of dull. Quantum of Solace takes a bold risk in making the first Bond sequel, but unfortunately it's just not that good. Greene seems like a rather pathetic Bond villain, and his henchman (the worst in the series?) ends up in a neck-brace after getting tripped by Camilla. Also, the shaky cam is distracting and exhausting.
- Most under-appreciated part: I actually thing the theme song is pretty good! Maybe I'm just too much of a Jack White groupie, but I think it rocks.

  1. Moonraker: Best Locales
- Why it's this high: I'm pleased to see Jaws making a return, as he is an amazing henchman. On that note, the pre-credits sequence with Bond and Jaws falling out of the plane is exhilarating. Holly Goodhead is a very good Bond girl, beautiful, smart, and competent. Roger Moore always does an excellent job playing the role with suavity and wit.
- Why it's not higher: Gosh it's cheesy. Particularly egregious is Jaws' love story. The theme song is terrible and Bond doesn't have any solid allies besides Goodhead and Jaws.
- Most under-appreciated part: They really go all out with the settings here. Obviously, space is pretty polarizing, but I think Bond clearly should go to space at SOME point during the series. In addition, Italy and Brazil were gorgeous views, while Drax's estate is magnificent.

  1. Spectre: Best Shooting
- Why it's this high: Rewatching this for the second time, I realized Lea Seydoux does a good job as the Bond girl, and it's actually quite believable she and James could work out, as she is the daughter of an assassin and can understand him (as Blofeld points out). Seeing Bond show off his marksmanship was quite satisfying, especially that one long shot during the escape from Blofeld's compound. Bonus points for Bond's DB10 and resurrecting the DB5.
- Why it's not higher: The fatal flaw of this film is making Blofeld Bond's adopted brother. How did Bond not recognize him? How is Blofeld able to keep himself secret from British intelligence yet every criminal worth his salt knows of him? The worst part is that it actually cheapens the plot of the other Craig movies. I believe the Bond franchise should stay clear from sequels from here on out. Yes, they can weave a great story if done correctly, but it's so much more difficult to make great sequels (e.g. Star Wars only made two worthy sequels in seven tries) than to do one-offs. As usual for a Craig film, Bond has little charisma (save for his surprisingly good rapport with Moneypenny) and little in the way of jokes to lighten the mood.
- Most under-appreciated part: The train fight scene with Dave Bautista is great! Gosh it was awesome to see them go at it, break through walls, and a priceless expression on Bautista's face when he knows he's done. Bautista is the first decent henchman since the 90s, so glad to see the series go back to this staple.

  1. The Man with the Golden Gun: Best Potential, Worst Execution
- Why it's this high: This Bond movie frustrates more than any other, as it has the potential to be an all-time great. Bond's debriefing starts off with promise, as it turns out the world's top assassin is gunning for Bond! For the first time in the series, Bond seems vulnerable! M makes a hilarious quip as to who would try to kill Bond ("jealous husbands ... the list is endless"). Furthermore, the legendary Christopher Lee is possible the best Bond villain, a rare peer of 007.
- Why it's not higher: Unfortunately, the movie opts to change course so that it's just Maud Adams trying to get Bond to kill Scaramanga. Goodnight is beautiful, but maybe the most inept Bond girl of all-time. They used a SLIDE WHISTLE, ruining one of the coolest Bond stunts ever (the car jump).
- Most under-appreciated part: Nick Nack is a splendid henchman, showing the role can be more than just a strongman.

  1. Diamonds Are Forever: Great Beginning and Ending, but Bad Everywhere Else
- Why it's this high: Is there another Bond with such a great contrast between the beginning/ending and everything in between? Connery shows his tough side, as he muscles his way through the pre-credits scene. Particularly good was the part where he seduces the woman, then uses her bikini top to choke her. At the end, Bond expertly uses his wine knowledge to detect something is amiss, then dispatches Kidd and Wint in style. Other cool scenes include Bond scaling the building to reach Blofeld and Bond driving the Mustang through the alley.
- Why it's not higher: This is one of the films that I find myself liking less and less over time. Vegas, and especially the space laboratory scene, just seem cheesy. Connery is officially too old at this point, and Jill St. John just isn't a very compelling Bond girl. I would've preferred to have seen more of Plenty O'Toole, but alas 'twas not meant to be. Leiter is uninspired as well. Having Bond go after Blofeld for the millionth time just seems tired at this point.
- Most under-appreciated part: Mr. Kidd and Wint are the creepiest henchmen in the Bond universe, but I'd argue they are some of the best. Their banter and creative modes of execution are quite chilling and thrilling.

  1. A View to a Kill: Best Theme
- Why it's this high: Is it a hot take to not have View in the bottom five? Let me explain. I contend Duran Duran's theme is the very best. The ending fight scene on the Golden Gate Bridge is actually one of the most iconic ending set pieces in the series. The plot is stellar on paper, as the horse racing part was a very Bondian side story, and the idea of an attack on Silicon Valley actually seems even more plausible today.
- Why it's not higher: It's self-evident that Moore is way too old for the part. Some parts are just mind-blowingly ridiculous, such as the fire truck chase scene through San Francisco and the part where Stacey is caught unaware by a blimp behind her. Speaking of Stacey, she may be beautiful, but she spends most of the movie shrieking whenever something goes wrong.
- Most under-appreciated part: The scene with Bond and Ivanova is cool (I always like it when he interacts with other spies) and quite entertaining how he fools her with the cassettes.

Tier 5: Below Average
  1. Octopussy: The Most Characteristically Roger Moore Bond Film
- Why it's this high: Maud Adams has great screen presence as Octopussy, and her Amazonian-like women are cool to watch fight. Bond's deft swipe of the egg was nicely done. On a related aside, I wish Bond films would emphasize Bond's intellect more, as it seems the 60s and 70s films would allow Bond to showcase his vast knowledge more frequently than he does today. Gobinda is a fierce henchman, while India in general is a cool location. The plot is realistic, yet grand (war-mongering Russian general tries to detonate a nuke to get NATO to turn on itself).
- Why it's not higher: This is the first Moore film where he simply was too old and shouldn't have been cast. Yes, it's too cheesy at times, most infamously during the Tarzan yell. Bond also doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: People tend to focus too much on Bond dressing as a clown, but the scene where Bond furiously tries to get to the bomb in time to defuse it is one of the tensest moments in the series. Moore's "Dammit there's a bomb in there!" really demonstrated the gravity of the situation (I get goosebumps during that part).

  1. Tomorrow Never Dies: Most Tasteful Humor
- Why it's this high: Brosnan really settles into the role well here. He gives the most charismatic Bond performance in 15 years or so. His quip "I'm just here at Oxford, brushing up on a little Danish" is an all-time great Bond line. Teri Hatcher is stunning as Paris Carver, delivering a memorable performance with her limited screen time. The plot is original and ages well, highlighting the potential downsides of media power, while Carver is an above average villain.
- Why it's not higher: Wai Lin is good for action, but the chemistry between her and Bond is non-existent. By the end of the movie, Pryce just seem silly (especially the scene where he mocks Wai Lin's martial arts skills). There aren't any good Bond allies, as Jack Wade doesn't impress in his return to the franchise. In general though, the movie has few things terribly wrong with it, it just doesn't excel in many ways.
- Most under-appreciated part: Dr. Kaufman is hysterical. At first, I thought "this is weird," but by the end of the scene I'm cracking up. I genuinely wish they found someway to bring him back for World, but c'est la vie.

  1. The World Is Not Enough: Less than the Sum of its Parts
- Why it's this high: According to my spreadsheet, this is a top 10 Bond film, while on my first watch on this film I thought it was bottom five. I think the truth is that it's somewhere in between. I like the settings, everything from the temporary MI-6 headquarters to Azerbaijan. Elektra is an all-time great Bond girl, with a nice plot twist and character arc. The glasses where Bond sees through women's clothing are hilarious. The sense of danger is strong, with everyone from Bond to M being in danger. The return of Zukovsky is a nice plus.
- Why it's not higher: I think two things really doom this film. First, Renard is totally wasted a henchman. The idea of him not feeling pain is a cool one, but he just seems boring and extraneous. I don't even think Carlyle acted poorly, he was just misused. Secondly, the ending (after Bond killing Elektra which is quite good) is rather terrible. The whole scene in the sub just isn't entertaining or engaging.
- Most under-appreciated part: I'm going to defend Denise Richards as Christmas Jones. Although no Ursula Andress, Richards is absolutely gorgeous and did not actively make Bond's mission more difficult, which is more than some Bond girls can say *cough Britt Ekland. In particular, I found her introductory scene to be quite memorable and convincing. Also, the Christmas quip at the end is quite cheeky.

Tier 4: Solid
  1. The Living Daylights:
- Why it's this high: Dalton brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise here. His more serious take makes for interesting movies that seem more unique than most. I'm happy to see this subreddit appreciate Dalton more than the casual fun does, but I wouldn't go as far as the Dalton fanboys and say he's the best Bond or anything like that. I do wish he got the role sooner and did more films. Moving on to Daylights, it's got a good intro for Dalton and good plot in general. Surprisingly, Bond's fidelity doesn't bother me one bit, as it actually makes sense that Kara falls in love with James by the end, given all they've gone through.
- Why it's not higher: The biggest reason is that the villain is just terrible. Whitaker seems silly and pathetic, a terrible contrast to Dalton's serious nature. I think Whitaker might be the worst in the series, and a Bond movie can't be great without a good villain. Also, Dalton doesn't have much charm and is abysmal at one-liners, which, in my opinion, IS a facet of the perfect James Bond.
- Most under-appreciated part: The Aston Martin Vantage is a beautiful car, and the chase scene across the ice is great! It's both exciting and funny! Not sure why people don't talk about this chase scene and this car more; it's arguably the highlight of the movie for me.

  1. Thunderball: The Most Beautiful
- Why it's this high: Thunderball used to be top five for me and here is why. The underwater scenes, the setting, the score, and the Bond girls are beautiful even to this day. Domino is excellent, while Volpe is a tour de force, oozing sexuality and danger. I think the underwater parts are interesting and novel, creating a staple of sorts for the franchise. The DB 5 is always welcome, and the jetpack use was quite cool for the time (and to some extent now).
- Why it's not higher: Some would say it's boring, while I would more generously admit the plot is slow. Furthermore, the theme song is all-time bad (apparently they could have used Johnny Cash!!!), and there is no great henchman for Bond to dispatch.
- Most under-appreciated part: Two plot ideas I liked a lot: Bond being injured and needing rehab, plus the part where all the 00s meet up and then are sent to the corners of the globe.

  1. Never Say Never Again: Guilty Pleasure
- Why it's this high: Rewatching Never for the third time, I was struck by how fun this movie is. It's exciting, funny, and fast-paced. Basically, it's a more exciting version of Thunderball, with better pacing and better humor. I think Irvin Kershner did a great job managing this star studded cast. Carrera is a firecracker as Blush, Sydow is a convincing Blofeld, and Basinger is a classic Bond girl. Connery clearly has a blast returning to the role, doing a great job despite his advanced age. If anything, this one might not be ranked high enough.
- Why it's not higher: The music is terrible. Normally I don't notice these things, but one can't help but notice how dreadful this one is. The theme is awful as well. I'd argue this is the worst music of any Bond film.
- Most under-appreciated part: The humor! This is one of the funniest Bonds, as I found myself laughing out loud at various parts (e.g. Mr Bean!).

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me: Best Intro
- Why it's this high: There's a lot to love about this one, so I get why this ranks highly for many. It is simply the best introduction, starting with Bond romancing a woman, followed by a skii chase, then jumping off the cliff and pulling the Union Jack parachute! The Lotus is a top 3 Bond car. Jaws is a superb henchman. Triple X was an excellent Bond girl, deadly, charming, and beautiful. Of course, Moore is charming and the locations are exotic (Egypt was a cool locale). If I had to pick one Moore movie for a newcomer to watch, it would be this one.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is bad, and Stromberg is a below average villain. I also think the last 45 minutes or so of the movie kind of drags.
- Most under-appreciated part: The whole dynamic between Bond and Triple X is great. Whenever Bond movies show Bond squaring off against other spies (see View to a Kill, Goldeneye) it's just a pleasure to watch.

  1. Live and Let Die: Most Suave
- Why it's this high: Roger Moore superbly carves out his own take on Bond in an excellent addition to the franchise. The boat chase is my favorite in the series, and Live and Let Die is my second favorite theme. Jane Seymour is a good Bond girl, while Tee Hee and Kananga are a solid villain/henchman duo. Unpopular opinion: I find J.W. Pepper to be hilarious.
- Why it's not higher: The introduction isn't very good, as Bond isn't even included! The second climax with the voodoo isn't great. Bond blowing up Kananga has aged terribly.
- Most under-appreciated part: When Bond is visited in his apartment by M and Moneypenny, Bond rushes to hide his girl from his coworkers. Finally, when they leave and he unzips the dress with his magnetic watch is one of the best uses of a Bond gadget in the series, showcasing why Moore might be the most charming Bond of them all.

  1. You Only Live Twice: Best Blofeld
- Why it's this high: Just your classic, fun Sean Connery Bond movie. It was a great decision to send Bond to Japan for his first Asian visit, giving the movie a fresh feel. The ending set piece battle is potentially the best of this staple of 60s/70s Bonds. Tiger Tanaka is one of Bond's cooler allies. Pleasance killed it as Blofeld; when I think of Blofeld, I think of his take. In what could have been cheesy, he is actually somewhat frightening.
- Why it's not higher: The whole "we need to make you look Japanese" part seems both unrealistic (who is he really fooling?) plus surprisingly impotent coming from Tiger Tanaka who seems to be a competent and connected man otherwise. Honestly though, this movie doesn't have a major weakness.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fight scene with the guard in the executive's office is probably the best hand-to-hand fight in the series up until that point.

Tier 3: Excellent
  1. Dr. No: The Most Spy-Like
- Why it's this high: Nearly 60 years later, this film is still a blast to watch, due in no small part to its focus on the little things of being a spy. I adore the scenes where Bond does the little things spies (presumably) do, such as putting a hair across the door, or showing Bond playing solitaire while waiting to spring his trap on Prof. Dent. I also enjoy the suspense of Bond sleuthing around the island, while he and the viewer are completely unaware of whom the villain is until quite late in the film. It's easy to take for granted now, but this film established so many series traditions that were ingenious. My personal favorite is Bond's introduction at the card table: "Bond .... James Bond."
- Why it's not higher: The film just doesn't have the payoff it deserves. Maybe it's just a result of the time and budget, but from the point Bond escapes on, it's just mediocre. Particularly egregious is the "fight" between Dr. No and Bond where No meets his demise.
- Most under-appreciated part: Ursula Andress was a surprisingly well developed Bond girl, with a shockingly violent backstory (she was raped!). Obviously, she is beautiful and the beach scene is iconic, but I was pleasantly surprised to conclude she is more than just eye candy.

  1. License to Kill: The Grittiest
- Why it's this high: On my first watch, this was my least favorite Bond film, as I thought it was too dark and violent to befit 007. By my third time watching, I've decided it's actually one of the best. Fortunately, I don't have to go on my "Ackshually, Dalton did a good job" rant with this subreddit. I liked the wedding intro and the concept of a revenge arc for Leiter (although come on he should've been killed by a freaking shark). Also, Lamora and (especially) Bouvier are great Bond girls. Bouvier is both competent and beautiful, and it's great to see Bond choose her at the end.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is atrocious, Dalton is so angry (dare I say charmless?) the whole time it's almost puzzling why Bouvier and Lamora fall for him, and Bond doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: Sanchez is actually a sneaky good Bond villain.

  1. For Your Eyes Only: The Most Underrated
- Why it's this high: I think Moore is a bit underrated as Bond. Yes, he was too old towards the end and yes, his movies were at times too campy, but he himself played the role admirably. He was the most charming and witty of all the Bonds, so by the time he got his first relatively serious plot to work with, he hit it out of the park. Anyhow, the climactic mountaintop assault is one of my favorite Bond action climaxes. Columbo is one of the best Bond allies, and the plot twist where he turns out to be good and Kristatos bad was well-done.
- Why it's not higher: The intro is just silly. Bibi's romantic infatuation with Bond is just uncomfortable?
- Most under-appreciated part: The theme song is a banger. What a chorus!

Tier 2: Exceptional
  1. Skyfall: The Sharpest Film (From Plot to Aesthetics)
- Why it's this high: One of the best plots of the entire series. The idea of an older Bond who had lost a step, along with making M the focus point of the movie, works very well. Seeing Bond's childhood home is also pretty cool. Bardem's take on Silva is delightful and a lot of fun to watch. Even the cinematography is a series peak, while Adele's them is excellent.
- Why it's not higher: One thing most Craig Bond films suffer from is the lack of a Bond-worthy henchman. Skyfall is no exception. More importantly, Bond girls are mostly irrelevant to the film. Yes, Severine is both beautiful and interesting, but she's scarcely twenty minutes of the film.
- Most under-appreciated part: Setting the new supporting characters up nicely. The Moneypenny backstory was well-done. Casting Ralph Fiennes as the new M is a great choice in of itself, but he also got a nice chuck of background story to help us going forward.

  1. Casino Royale: The First Bond Film I'd Show a Series Newcomer
- Why it's this high: Craig's take on Bond feels like a breath of fresh air. In particular, his hand-to-hand combat scenes are so much better (and more believable) than any other Bond. The parkour chase scene is one of the best chase scenes in the series. Le Chifre is an excellent villain, but, more importantly, Vesper is an all-time great Bond girl. The conversation between Vesper and Bond on the train is probably the most interesting of any film. Bonus points for Jeffrey Wright as Leiter and the Aston Martin DBS.
- Why it's not higher: There are hardly any humorous parts or much charm displayed by Bond in general. More importantly, the movie should have just ended when Bond wakes up in rehab. The rest of the movie feels confused and superfluous.
- Most under-appreciated part: The decision to change from chemin de fer to poker makes for much better (and understandable!) cinema. The poker scenes are the best of Bond's many gambling scenes throughout the series.

  1. Goldeneye: The Most Fun
- Why it's this high: Wow, rewatching Goldeneye I was struck by how entertaining the whole thing is. The opening jump is breath taking, the scene where Bond drives his evaluator around is hilarious, and Xenia Onatopp is a livewire. Sean Bean is a formidable villain as 006, and a great foil to James. Bond and Judi Dench's first scene together is amazing. Goldeneye feels like the first modern Bond, yet so true to the predecessors. Wade and especially Zukovsky are excellent allies.
- Why it's not higher: Simonova is a forgettable Bond girl. She's not annoying, unattractive, or acted poorly, but is just below average in most regards (looks, back story, chemistry with Bond, plot).
- Most under-appreciated part: the action is just so much better than any Bond before it

  1. From Russia with Love: The Best Henchman (Red Grant)
- Why it's this high: Interesting settings, beautiful women, and an engaging story make this a classic. I'm not the first to point out that the scenes with Grant and Bond aboard the train are some of the best in the entire series. Grant is one of the few villains who feels like a match for 007. Furthermore, the addition of Desmond Llewyn as Q was crucial and Kerim Bey is one of the better Bond allies.
- Why it's not higher: The helicopter scene should've just been omitted, especially when combined with the subsequent boat chase. It's just awkward to watch.
- Most under-appreciated part: The gypsy scenes are quite exotic and entertaining.

  1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Most Heartfelt
- Why it's this high: James and Tracy's love story is charming, and when she dies at the end, this is the one and only time in the entire series where the viewer feels genuinely sad. Diana Rigg did an excellent job convincing the audience Bond could finally fall in love with one girl. The skiing scenes were beautifully filmed, and the score was exemplary. Personally, I quite liked Lazenby's take; however, some of his lines and jokes fall flat. To his credit, he looks and acts like Bond more than any other actor.
- Why it's not higher: Honestly, it does drag at times in the first half, plus there is no theme song!
- Most under-appreciated part: Bond's Aston Martin DBS is a beautiful car, combining 60's sports-car beauty with Aston Martin's elegance.

Tier 1: The Best
  1. Goldfinger: The quintessential Bond
- Why it's this high: From the opening ("Positively shocking") to the seduction of Pussy Galore at the end, this film has it all. Goldfinger is an all time great villain, while Odd Job is an exceptional henchman. Connery delivers a master performance, and drives THE classic Bond Car, ejector seat included. The reason I put it #1 is not necessarily because it is the best film (although it is great), it checks all the boxes of what a perfect Bond film should do.
- Why it's not higher: I cannot think of any notable imperfections.
- Most under-appreciated part: The golf scene between Bond and Goldfinger is a delight to watch, demonstrating Bond's wits for the first and only time on the golf course.
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Summer 2019 - The Swimsuit Swordmaster Seven Colored Showdown: Start - Part 2

Katsushika Hokusai:
Ehee! Now I’m getting ye!
Ye have ties with Miyamoto Musashi! Ye art the unparalleled, great swordmaster’s adopted son, Miyamoto Iori!
One of the remarkable people who inherited Niten Ichi-ryū​ on their passing, truly worth of being a heroic spirit, and truly suiting to be a Swimsuit Swordmaster!
However, it is unbelievable still! How Miyamoto Iori-dono was a woman!
Ye shocked me well and good! Ye did!
…It's a discrepancy from the truth we're familiar with, but the feats from their their myths, legends, and history are still extraordinary.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Is that so then…
Well, that goes for I as well! Seein’ as I yet be the infamous Katsushika Hokusai despite bein' a woman!
Err, disregard Father here with that. He didn’t used to spit ink.
[Miyamoto] / [Iori]
Miyamoto Iori:
Miyamoto Iori:
Do you know my teacher? Hahaha, cut it out. We resemble each other, but that’s it.
Yes, you seem like peas in a pod to me…Is it from the blood relation you have with them?
Miyamoto Iori:
Are you kiddin’ me?! Iori-kun isn’t my biological child, y’know!
Miyamoto Iori:
Oh, uh, oopsie! You guys know Musashi-dono, and probably the irregular one to pan-human history, who’s a girl, right? I know that because I’m also a Heroic Spirit of pan-human history, but there’s no-relation otherwise!
I just resemble them. That’s all there is. Yep. Mhm.
Miyamoto Iori:
…I-I mean, I get how the misconception came up from our faces, but it’s nothing. Nothing!
I am Miyamoto Iori. One of the Swimsuit Swordmasters beckoned here, to Las Vegas!
And concerning the Swimsuit Swordmaster Revered Bout---
I know a lot more than others about this Swimsuit Swordmaster Seven Colored Showdown.
...Wanna hear the details?
[Yeah, that’d be great] / [We did need to info gather]
Miyamoto Iori:
Fufu, right! I’ll tell you what I know, and I’ll be concise about it too!
I’d be glad to so long as I can get some udon or burgers!
Miyamoto Iori:
Did I say "Oodawn"? I meant Vegas food, Vegas food!
For now, just a burger…would be ok…
Getting Miyamoto their meal, she begins to explain what she knows.
Miyamoto Iori:
---The Dazzling Las Vegas!
It already existed before, but this Las Vegas is different from the normal town.
As someone from modern times, you can tell by looking at it, right? It should be easy for you to see that.
But yes, this town exists as an arena for the Swimsuit Swordmasters to gather to!
And at the same time, it exists with the full functions of Las Vegas. In other words…
It’s a luxorious, Great Casino City! Aside from battling each other, you can go have fun in the casinos!
It’s fine to battle as a swordmaster. It’s fine to play around in your swimsuit.
It doesn’t matter if you choose to battle or play if you’re a Swimsuit Swordmaster! It’s plenty rational!
In the actual Las Vegas, the casinos are managed and taken care of by enterprises and grand hotels, but…
In this Dazzling Las Vegas, guess what! Each and every big name casino is controlled by a Swimsuit Swordmaster!
Altogether, there are 5 great casinos! In other words, each casino is controlled by each individual group out of the 5 Swimsuit Swordmasters!
Out of these 5…
One has already proven to be different from the other Swimsuit Swordmasters. They’ve been singularly lauded as the mightiest, and most powerful out of all of them---
The Swimsuit Lion King, Artoria Ruler!
She’s the manager of Casino Camelot, and in essence, dominates this Dazzling Las Vegas!
Katsushika Hokusai:
I see, now I get the main gist of it!
Art-oria, ru-rah? It’d be grand of us to have a bout with them, and test her merit!
Let’s act quick before we change our minds!
I see, that sounds logical.
Artoria Ruler. It sounds like we should at least make contact with this person.
The chance are very high that they possess the Holy Grail, because of their dominance over this newly founded city.
It may also be the source behind our irregular Saint Graphs and Spiritron Outfits.
I think so too!
If they’re safeguarding the Holy Grail, then we'd be able to eliminate this microscopic Singularity too.
[Let’s get going!] / [Let’s investigate the Casino Camelot!]
Miyamoto Iori:
(Chomp, snarf)
Thanks fer’ the burger! It was super yummy.
So, you wanna head off to Casino Camelot? It’s right over there, the big white walled castle.
…I don’t. I don’t recommend going there~.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Don’t ye be getting’ dull on us now! We said how we must visit them, so we could at least take a peak!
Let us depart in haste! Mastah!
Sir Jikufurito, ye may tag along as well, lest ye get left behind!
With the way we sliced those large birds that blanketed the skies, we should have a complete victory in this Swimsuit Swordmaster Showdown!
Miyamoto Iori:
(They’re worked up like this was their first victory. They seem more like a samurai going through a coming of age ceremony…)
(And compared to the others, she’s more like a newborn fawn…)
(But she's overflowing with untold potential. The four swords she wields seem to suit her too)
(This girl, perhaps she’s…)
Katsushika Hokusai:
Come, lets get a move on!
Hokusai darts off, but eventually runs into an invisible wall at the castle-casino.
Katsushika Hokusai:
W-what sort of tickery is this…I can see it in front of me, but can’t draw closer…I cannot advance to the castle!
Seems to be an invisible wall of sorts…but if its just a wall…
She attempts to cut it, to little avail.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Like I thought! My katana matters not!
---That spirit of yours is good.
Alas, you don’t appear to hold a letter of challenge, fufu. Yet, I do respect the unguided rush attack to test the waters.
You cannot pierce this wall. Not even as a Swimsuit Swordmaster.
Without my own elegance, without my own blade, it is a futile effort. Because…
Swimsuit Bunny Arthur (Lancer) Ruler steps forward.
I am a Swordmaster as well. You may call me The Swimsuit Lion King. Unjust Swimsuit Swordmasters shall be not allowed entry here, and ignored thus.
Katsushika Hokusai:
(H-how could this be…it’s as if the weight of the heavens are falling upon me…!)
(I-impossible, could this be that thing others speak of!? The feeling of a blade against your throat, a killing intent!?)
(Uwah----, Uwah---! Have I only now come to understand a sort of killing intent by the blade!?)
(But I’m already a real Swordwielding Swordmaster of Swords, so it should be fine!)
Swimsuit Lion King:
Hmph. Four swords.
How interesting. Your appearance and your many blades remind me of a certain someone.
---Your True Name?
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ka, Ka, Katsushika Hokusai! Ukiyo-e artist, now a Swordwielding Swordmaster of Swords, a nymph of ambitions!
Swimsuit Lion King:
Well well. So you’re one with numerous titles.
Katsushika HokusauI:
S-shaddap! I’m seriously serious about seriously being serious!
What’s wrong with having a buncha pitches! "Lion King" sounds like a motto from somethin' else too!
The Lion King continues to smile, which freaks out Hokusai even more.
Miyamoto Iori:
Wait wait wait! Hooooold on for a sec! You, did you just say that we can’t bust through this?
Katsushika Hokusai:
Elder Sis Iori! I-I mean, wow, ye sure did take y-yer time getting’ here…
Swimsuit Lion King:
Miyamoto Iori:
Yes! Niten Ichi-ryū wielder, Miyamoto Iori here!
Also with me is the western dragon slayer Swimsuit Master, my actual Master, and their sweet kohai-chan!
My name is Mash Kyrielight!
[So she’s a bunny this time…] / [Wait, you aren’t one of the Swimsuit Swordmasters right]
Swimsuit Lion King:
I am the Swimsuit Lion King. I am the great ruler of this Casino Camelot.
Feh, if you are not aware of who I am, then I shall educate you. This bunny outfit is the uniform of my Casino.
Could that one --- be a rabbit who has gained intellect?
Swimsuit Lion King:
Regardless, I believe that this Miyamoto has their aim set on me as a fellow Swimsuit Swordmaster.
Miyamoto Iori:
R-really~? Who can say for sure? Whistle, whistle~
What are you doing, Iori.
Um, I'm worried, about how she's just whistling like that for now...
Miyamoto Iori:
So, what’s this problem about me setting my sights on you? For the Swimsuit Swordsmaster Seven Colored Showdown---
There isn’t a rule against cooperating with others in this “Revered Bout”!
Everyone’s against each other, but there’s nothing against cooperation! So I took that idea and made some allies!
Swimsuit Lion King:
…Fufu, that all checks out.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Heeeeh, is that what this is? A Swordwielding Swordmaster of Swords going 1 on 1 would be a magnificent show, yet...
…that’d go against it all! Totally! That’d be like how the 47 rōnin showed up at Kira Yoshinaka’s together uninvited!
Or like Miyamoto Musashi hearing the noises of the great Yoshioka clan while alone, and slicing them up!
…Nn, but, yeah. I think a Swordwielding Swordmaster of Swords would probably have a splendid 1 on 1s.
Y’know, right Mastah? Like the battle on Ganryū-jima! The 1 on 1 of genius swordsmen at Ganryū, with Shinmen Musashi! A katana vs an oar!
And well --- ye can’t step around how cool that battle was!
Miyamoto Iori:
(Mu. So that time was cool to her…I see, so Hokusai-chan is an honorable swordsman)
Katsushika Hokusai:
I’d be lyin’ to myself if I had said that I wasn’t yearning for a 1 on 1.
At least one fight would be nice, because I’m here now as a swordsman. A 1 on 1! I wanna do that!
…I can’t say I understand you enthusiasm.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Y-ye. What do ye think yer sayin’?
Miyamoto Iori:
It’s okay, it got through to me. I mean, yeah. Right? They say might makes right.
You came to wield the power of the Holy Grail on your own as a Swimsuit Swordmaster, right?
But since a 1 on 1 would be pretty risky for you, I think a 6 on 1 would be fair.
Yeah, a 6 on 1 would be cool against big sis Iori.
[That look…] / [Those numbers aren’t just for you, right?]
Miyamoto Iori:
Whistle, Whistle~
Ah, Iori-san’s whistling again…!
Swimsuit Lion King:
…A fair and square, 1 on 1?
Your words are in good honors. I shall answer that wish here and now.
Miyamoto Iori:
Huh, wha-!?
Swimsuit Lion King:
There was some correctness in Miyamoto’s words: a one on one battle against a Swimsuit Swordmaster casino manager would be poor in scope.
However. If a Swimsuit Swordmaster were to stray, and act on their own, a one on one battle would be seen as fair play.
---In other words.
You two may cross blades with one another.
Miyamoto Iori:
Wai-, hold hold hold hold up there, pardner! That’s logical, but…
Swimsuit Lion King:
You have led that girl thus far. And you have given yourself the role of teaching her to be a Swimsuit Swordmaster.
Do not fret. In a special case, I shall grant you a [Chosen Battleground] without the need of a [Letter of Challenge].
I am the Swimsuit Lion King. I am the apex Swimsuit Swordmaster, as well as the strongest casino manager in Dazzling Las Vegas.
Such a trifling matter will come at no issue for me.
Now --- behold all this city has to offer, as you dance and splash among this performance for passersby!
Everything begins to shake, and a platform emerges from the ground, trapping Hokusai and Iori!
Katsushika Hokusai:
Wh, whawha, w-w-w-w-what was that!? With her indication…things changed in a moment!
This dense mana! Master!
Could it be…is this a Reality Marble…? Our connection with the Wondering Sea has been severed too, senpai!!
Miyamoto Iori:
…It’s too late to do anything now.
The Swimsuit Lion King has ushered forth a [Chosen Battleground], and now the selected Swimsuit Swordmasters must do battle.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ye make it sound like we ought to. Yet if I don’t want to, I need not do so.
Miyamoto Iori:
Yeah, but! I feel the same as as you, but!
It’s already here! If we don’t fight…
If we don’t fight, even a bit…we won’t be able to get out of here…!
You mean…there’s no way out unless you fight…
Katsushika Hokusai:
This ain’t good. But, we are Swimsuit Swordmasters.
I still don’t know quite what a Swimsuit Swordmaster really does, but I can understand this much.
Swimsuits, Swordmasters. Elegance, and blades.
In other words, elegance must be seen in twine with swordsmanship! So then---
Kill or be killed…that the point to this? If that’s true, then that’s some fantastically wrong “elegance”.
Miyamoto Iori:
It’s as you say. It can be somewhat painful, but I don't believe you need to die.
This is why all Swimsuit Swordmasters are Heroic Spirits: so long as their Spirit Origin remains unharmed, it’s possible to be restored to full.
Katsushika Hokusai:
That true? Makes sense.
Fine by me.
Katsushika Hokusai:
I’ve already decided that I’ll become the strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster! I shall respect this wish and do battle with Miyamoto Iori’s Niten Ichi-ryū as such!
Come! Come, come, come! With my waist drawn blade---
I’ll sense even a gunman’s adept strikes! Try to get past me, Iori-dono! Ye shall be diced long before ye can try!
Now, unsheathe thine blade! How am I now!? Iori-dono!
Miyamoto Iori:
(You have an impressive disposition, Katsushika Ōi! Okay, I’ll get serious too!)
Very well then, novice swordsman! The fun and games are over!
Your current skills are immature, and as a nymph, the heavens excite you still. And they shall witness your catastrophe in your perfect lack of preparations!
Embrace destiny, and hold fast to all you possess! I, Miyamoto Iori, shall answer your call, my opponent!
Ah, but let me change a bit before all that happens. This’ll be better for a Revered Bout!
Musashi changes from her 2nd ascension, to her 1st one.
That’s…! Iori-san put on a really sporty outfit!?
[A sporty, competitive swimsuit for swordplay!] / […Well done…]
Miyamoto Iori:
For my very first fight, a Western outfit wouldn’t be very elegant, y’know? It’s summer too, and I wanna be pool side!
This doesn’t mean I'm going easy on you though! Get ready, Katsushika Hokusai!
Katsushika Hokusai: Ohoho, ye better believe I’m ready! Come, have at you --- in victory, or defeat!
(Merlin, announcing)
The two fight 1 v 1, and eventually Hokusai gets put on the ropes.
Katsushika Hokusai:
---yer strong!
No, no, nononono! It’ll take more than that!
Those born in Edo move from one place to another like a carp streamer blown by May winds!
An infamous waterfall screen, a pilgrimage through the country, the fish climbs the waterfall of evening; answer my summons!
Now then, if you catch sight of them, send them back to their roots!
Kirifuri! Kannon! Aoi! Rouben! Yoshitsune! Yourou! Ono! Amida!
---[Waterfall Tour of the Regions]!!
Hokusai releases her NP on Miyamoto!
Miyamoto Iori:
What the----!?
Iori is taken upstream through Hokusai’s attacks, and upon crashing back down, kneels in defeat.
Miyamoto Iori:
…I give! Your Waterfall Tour of the Regions was splendid!
Katsushika Hokusai:
Hehh, hah…hah…hah…
…huh, what’d ye say…I’ve…won…?
Swimsuit Lion King:
Enough! Game, set!
Swimsuit Swordmaster Revered Bout, First Color! Here stands the victor! Revere the Beach Beauty, Katsushika Hokusai!
Both were splendid. For a moment, Iori’s blade seemed to falter, yet…
No, I must have been imagining it. It was a wonderful sight to behold.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Zehahh…V-victory! See how tall I stand now, Mastah!
[You’re amazing, Orei-san!] [Congrats on your win!]
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ooh yes!
Miyamoto Iori:
My my, looks like Miyamoto Iori’s been completely defeated. Perhaps it was the voice of the heavens telling me to train my new junior.
Hokusai-san, you swordsmanship was incredible. I really mean it.
At the end there, you struck at me using your mind and body as one…something I didn’t predict.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Swimsuit Lion King:
Indeed, this Swimsuit Swordmaster, the Beach Beauty Hokusai-san, may have some hidden potential yet.
However, concerning Miyamoto…I believe it’s about time you drop this act of yours.
Despite being the oldest competitor among the Las Vegas Swimsuit Swordmasters, you do not hold a casino to your own, and continue to wonder.
You are a disgrace to us Swimsuit Swordmasters. Please make an effort for yourself.
That’s all I have to say for now.
The Lion King walks back into her casino, barrier still intact.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ah, wait! Wait right there! Swimsuit Lion King-san!!
She comes back.
Swimsuit Lion King:
…What is it.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ye be the greatest person in all Ras Vegahs, yeah? Then come, clash blades with me right now.
Swimsuit Lion King:
So that’s what you want.
Katsushika Hokusai:
Once I win against you, I’ll be the strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster…didn’t you say?
Swimsuit Lion King:
Fu, I don’t believe this. You think you stand at the summit of Las Vegas with a single win?
Katsushika Hokusai:
What’re ye gettin’ at…that battle was for…
Swimsuit Lion King:
That was naught but a single battle, nay, a single color! The strongest Swimsuit Swordsman must gather all Seven Colors using extreme elegance and skill!
Seven Colors…do you mean we need to have 7 battles!?
Swimsuit Lion King:
In this Las Vegas, there are 5 Swimsuit Swordsman casino managers, including myself.
If you wish to be known as the strongest Swimsuit Swordsman, then you must defeat all of the Swimsuit Swordsman casino managers.
Since you’ve managed to acquire a win already, surely beating the rest will be no problem…
For to be the strongest, means ---
She grins.
Swimsuit Lion King:
To have dominance over Dazzling Las Vegas. Once you have done that, then I, the Swimsuit Lion King, shall be your opponent.
She sparks with energy, making the ground tremble and shake, demonstrating just how strong she really is.
Katsushika Hokusai:
(This killing intent, the feeling of the blade, is so heavy…! As I thought, this mighty one is truly the strongest of all Swimsuit Swordmasters!)
(B-but in the end…it’ll be…me!)
Swimsuit Lion King:
The strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster. If you yet wish to obtain this title, Beach Beauty....
Then you must make yourself fit for it here in Dazzling Las Vegas. Put on a show of a fight, and fight as if you’re putting on a show.
Until then --- I shall be waiting. For you.
The Lion King goes into her castle for real this time, and leaves us upfront with the barrier.
Katsushika Hokusai:
S-she left…
However, there’s quite a few other beauties in this world to tackle! Well, ‘sides from Iori-dono there’s Five Fingers to take on, then we can make an appearance for that majestic Swimsuit Lion King…
Haah…I’m already so enthralled…
Miyamoto Iori:
Huh? What, did you say I was beautiful? Ahahahaha, don’t say that again, c’mon, fufufufu, no more, totally, no more, ehehe…
[Iori-san] / […You’re really Musashi-chan, right?]
Option 1:
Miyamoto Iori:
Huh, did you think I was her? Ahahaha no, c’mon, I’ve already lost, ahahahaha…
Option 2:
Miyamoto Iori:
GOHBUGHBOHG! A-Ahahahaha, what're you saying, I'm Miyamoto Iroi, ahaha!!
Miyamoto Iori:
Alrighty! What’re we doin’ next, you guys?
Katsushika Hokusai:
That’s obvious, ain’t it! Aah, but perhaps we should withdraw for now!
There’s 5 kajino maneger Swimsuit Swordmasters! We gotta beat ‘em all, and get those Seven Colors!
I’ll be the strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster! The one who’ll get crowned that title --- will be me!
…We couldn’t support you due to that 1 on 1 a while ago, but next time I shall brandish my blade alongside you.
I have no desire to be crowned strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster, but only to relinquish the Holy Grail from the Swimsuit Lion King. I will fight for that purpose.
If we seek to keep fighting in turn, then we should seek out more information about the others, to prevent this situation from happening again.
I-I agree. Casino Camelot is shrouded by a powerful bounded field, but---
Judging by what she told us, if we defeat the others, then we’ll get a second chance to face her again!
[Right] / [Looks like it’s all we can do, so let’s go!]
Katsushika Hokusai:
Ooh! I’m comin’ for you, Swimsuit Lion King!
Miyamoto Iori:
Do do doo ♪ Thanks for this wonderful team up. No one can beat [Guda] and their friends ★
I’ll act as your guide from now on, while also keeping my duties as your bodyguard.
I’ve gotten all giddy for a buncha reasons, but you’ll learn more and more as we go through Dazzling Las Vegas.
First though, how about I give you some details on the first casino we should look for?
[That’d be awesome!] / [I think it's better to just go now. Let's to go the simplest casino!]
Option 1 Only
Miyamoto Iori:
I’m glad to be of help. Oh, since we’re all on the same level now, lemme go over the casinos.
The slots, roulettes, and card games are the main attractions. You need to use QP to get QP, so observation and luck are what lead to success or failure.
Each of the manager Swimsuit Swordmasters have a minute peculiarity to them…
Iori begins to give you a quick summary for the managers, starting with a picture of Summer Osakabehime.
Miyamoto Iori:
Taking on the current fad of [Last one standing survivor games] is the [HIMEJI] casino.
Assassin Nitocris.
Extremely high rollers only. The art museum-esque place where only celebs are allowed in, the royal [Pharaoh] casino.
Summer Meltlilith.
Admission tickets stopped sales half a year ago.The Dragon Palace inside the desert, the famous stage performances of No. 1!
Sweeping through America, is the Charisma ★ Figure Skater.
Mysterious Alter Ego Λ , who opened a stage in the [Suitengū] casino.1
Summer Jeanne Archer
Just like from a movie! A showstage that surpasses even Hollywood VFX!
The [Water Sky Palace] casino also has a famous circus group that competes with its popularity, butting heads with dolphins, it’s the [Cirque du Requin] casino.
Swimsuit Lion King
Lastly, there’s the casino we just dealt with, where the strongest card dealer, the Lion King resides, [Camelot].
After dealing with the other Swimsuit Swordmasters, that casino will be our battlegrounds.
Branch merge/Option 2:
Miyamoto Iori:
Out of all those casinos, the easiest one would be…of course, her’s.
Ok, I’ll lead the way towards that one Swimsuit Swordmaster, the casino manager!
And that casino’s name is---
[HIMEJI Survival Casino]!
We begins to make our way there when Miyamoto stops us for a second.
Miyamoto Iori:
Oh yeah.
Each casino operates using a specific kind of'll need a certain amount of QP, so let's do our best to rack some up!
['Scuse. Me?]
Miyamoto Iori:
If you act like a bird of prey or a farming machine, then you can rack it up bit by bit. Ka-ting ka-ting ka-ting!
A farming machine?
Katsushika Hokusai:
I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I’ll be usin’ my four blades! Let’s do it, Mastah!
She runs off.
Ah, wait for us, Hokusai-san! Hokusai-san!
1 - The Suitengū). While the other casinos are mostly written out in English, this one is kept in Japanese.
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Some writing advice from Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond series.

HOW TO WRITE A THRILLER By Ian Fleming (1962, Guardian Roulette)
People often ask me, "How do you manage to think of that? What an extraordinary (or sometimes extraordinarily dirty) mind you must have." I certainly have got vivid powers of imagination, but I don't think there is anything very odd about that.
We are all fed fairy stories and adventure stories and ghost stories for the first 20 years of our lives, and the only difference between me and perhaps you is that my imagination earns me money. But, to revert to my first book, Casino Royale, there are strong incidents in the book that are all based on fact. I extracted them from my wartime memories of the Naval Intelligence Division of the Admiralty, dolled them up, attached a hero, a villain and a heroine, and there was the book.
The first was the attempt on Bond's life outside the Hotel Splendide. SMERSH had given two Bulgarian assassins box camera cases to hang over their shoulders. One was of red leather and the other one blue. SMERSH told the Bulgarians that the red one contained a bomb and the blue one a powerful smoke screen, under cover of which they could escape.
One was to throw the red bomb and the other was then to press the button on the blue case. But the Bulgars mistrusted the plan and decided to press the button on the blue case and envelop themselves in the smoke screen before throwing the bomb. In fact, the blue case also contained a bomb powerful enough to blow both the Bulgars to fragments and remove all evidence that might point to SMERSH.
Farfetched, you might say. In fact, this was the method used in the Russian attempt on Von Papen's life in Ankara in the middle of the war. On that occasion the assassins were also Bulgarians and they were blown to nothing while Von Papen and his wife, walking from their house to the embassy; were only bruised by the blast.
So you see the line between fact and fantasy is a very narrow one. I think I could trace most of the central incidents in my books to some real happenings.
We thus come to the final and supreme hurdle in the writing of a thriller. You must know thrilling things before you can write about them. Imagination alone isn't enough, but stories you hear from friends or read in the papers can be built up by a fertile imagination and a certain amount of research and documentation into incidents that will also ring true in fiction.
Having assimilated all this encouraging advice, your heart will nevertheless quail at the physical effort involved in writing even a thriller. I warmly sympathise with you. I too, am lazy My heart sinks when I contemplate the two or three hundred virgin sheets of foolscap I have to besmirch with more or less well chosen words in order to produce a 60,000 word book.
One of the essentials is to create a vacuum in my life which can only be satisfactorily filled by some form of creative work - whether it be writing, painting, sculpting, composing or just building a boat - I was about to get married - a prospect which filled me with terror and mental fidget. To give my hands something to do, and as an antibody to my qualms about the marriage state after 43 years as a bachelor, I decided one day to damned well sit down and write a book.
The therapy was successful. And while I still do a certain amount of writing in the midst of my London Life, it is on my annual visits to Jamaica that all my books have been written.
But, failing a hideaway such as I possess, I can recommend hotel bedrooms as far removed from your usual "life" as possible. Your anonymity in these drab surroundings and your lack of friends and distractions will create a vacuum which should force you into a writing mood and, if your pocket is shallow, into a mood which will also make you write fast and with application. I do it all on the typewriter, using six fingers. The act of typing is far less exhausting than the act of writing, and you end up with a more or less clean manuscript The next essential is to keep strictly to a routine.
I write for about three hours in the morning - from about 9:30 till 12:30and I do another hour's work between six and seven in the evening. At the end of this I reward myself by numbering the pages and putting them away in a spring-back folder. The whole of this four hours of daily work is devoted to writing narrative.
I never correct anything and I never go back to what I have written, except to the foot of the last page to see where I have got to. If you once look back, you are lost. How could you have written this drivel? How could you have used "terrible" six times on one page? And so forth. If you interrupt the writing of fast narrative with too much introspection and self-criticism, you will be lucky if you write 500 words a day and you will be disgusted with them into the bargain. By following my formula, you write 2,000 words a day and you aren't disgusted with them until the book is finished, which will be in about six weeks.
I don't even pause from writing to choose the right word or to verify spelling or a fact. All this can be done when your book is finished.
When my book is completed I spend about a week going through it and correcting the most glaring errors and rewriting passages. I then have it properly typed with chapter headings and all the rest of the trimmings. I then go through it again, have the worst pages retyped and send it off to my publisher.
They are a sharp-eyed bunch at Jonathan Cape and, apart from commenting on the book as a whole, they make detailed suggestions which I either embody or discard. Then the final typescript goes to the printer and in due course the galley or page proofs are there and you can go over them with a fresh eye. Then the book is published and you start getting letters from people saying that Vent Vert is made by Balmain and not by Dior, that the Orient Express has vacuum and not hydraulic brakes, and that you have mousseline sauce and not Bearnaise with asparagus.
Such mistakes are really nobody's fault except the author's, and they make him blush furiously when he sees them in print. But the majority of the public does not mind them or, worse, does not even notice them, and it is a dig at the author's vanity to realise how quickly the reader's eye skips across the words which it has taken him so many months to try to arrange in the right sequence.
But what, after all these labours, are the rewards of writing and, in my case, of writing thrillers?
First of all, they are financial. You don't make a great deal of money from royalties and translation rights and so forth and, unless you are very industrious and successful, you could only just about live on these profits, but if you sell the serial rights and the film rights, you do very well. Above all, being a successful writer is a good life. You don't have to work at it all the time and you carry your office around in your head. And you are far more aware of the world around you.
Writing makes you more alive to your surroundings and, since the main ingredient of living, though you might not think so to look at most human beings, is to be alive, this is quite a worthwhile by-product of writing.
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Cool correlation I found between Daniel Craig and the movie Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig: In the year 2000 he starred in a movie called Hotel Splendide.
Casino Royale: When Vesper and James (Daniel Craig) go to Montenegro they check in at a Hotel Splendide.
Not sure if many people know this, but I thought it was cool.
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Monte Carlo - Casino Royale Merit Poker International Montenegro €777.000 GTD Montenegro stars Hotel Group videos - YouTube Casino Royale Final Scene Vesper and Bond Arrived in Montenegro  Color Corrected ... Montenegro: Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa Resort - YouTube Casino Royale (James Bond) in Karlovy Vary & Grandhotel ... Make Montenegro Your Next Holiday Destination For Some James Bond-Style Glamour On A Budget

Merit Casino Royal Splendid main page: This casino is located in Budva, Montenegro. Merit Casino Royal Splendid features 64 gaming machines and 15 table games for your pleasure. WCD also lists and books casino hotels in Budva. You can browse our pics of Merit Casino Royal Splendid or see the latest news headlines about Merit Casino Royal Splendid on this page. Splendid Casino Royale opened its doors in 2010 to welcome all game lovers. Casino Royale is based on the 10th floor of the Splendid Conference & SPA Resort 5* - one of the chicest hotels at the Adriatic. Hotel Splendid is considered a favorite travel destination for domestic and world jet set and in a short time has created the name of the hotel for VIP guests. Guests of the hotel enjoy world ... Casino Royale, located on the 10th floor of the one of the most luxurious Montenegrin hotels, beside magnificent view over Adriatic sea offers you a wide range of casino games. You can enjoy slot mashines and electronic roulette, but also live games, such as: Russian poker, Caribbean poker, Texas poker, Ultimate Texas poker, Texas bonus poker, Black Jack. Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA. VIA G. FRESCOBALDI, 5 - 00198 ROME, ITALY. T +39 06 854421 - [email protected] . Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano. Riva Antonio Caccia 7 - 6900 Lugano, Switzerland. T +41 91 985 77 11 - [email protected] . Hotel Splendide Royal Paris. 18, Rue du Cirque – 75008 Paris . T (+33) 1 43 87 10 10 - [email protected] . Grand Hotel Eden ... The hotel is Hotel Splendid which is a new hotel in Becici, about 5 - 10 minutes drive from Old Town Budva. We are getting married in Budva next year so my fiance just returned from a trip there. He stayed at Hotel Splendid and said it is amazing. We are having our wedding reception there next July. They are still finishing construction on the hotel so some parts of it are not complete. It is ... In the film version of Casino Royale James Bond and Vesper stay in Hotel Splendide in an unidentified town in Montenegro. While there does turn out to be a Hotel Splendide in Montenegro, it is a concrete highrise rather than the neo-baroque design of the film. The real Hotel Splendide is located in Becici, on […] Nestled on the edge of the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea in Becici, Hotel Splendid Conference and SPA Resort is an exquisite melding of natural beauty with sophisticated comfort.Hotel Splendid Conference and SPA Resort offers Montenegro’s highest level of personal service. In a country that takes pride in welcoming all of its guests, setting a new standard for service is no small endeavor. In Casino Royale, Bond and Vesper are picked up at the Montenegro train station and driven to the Hotel Splendide in a Daimler limousine. The Daimler takes a somewhat unexpected way to the hotel. Of course the Montenegro scenes were all filmed in the Czech Republic and especially around the spa town of Karlovy Vary, 2 hours west of Prague. The road the Daimler is traveling on is Tržiště in ... Hotel Splendide is a fictional hotel which first appears in Ian Fleming's 1953 James Bond novel, Casino Royale, located in the fictional French seaside resort of Royale-les-Eaux. The hotel was subsequently featured in the official 2006 film adaptation of Fleming's novel, located instead in Montenegro. The hotel also makes an appearance in the 2008 video-game Quantum of Solace. 1 Appearances 1 ... The Montenegro Stars Hotel Group, founded in 2003, is a hotel management company that owns and operates three hotels in Montenegro, on the Budva Riviera. Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Resort, Hotel Montenegro and Hotel Blue Star

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Monte Carlo - Casino Royale

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... ***** Support #CinemaProfessional by becoming our Patron*****PATREON - Casino Royale looks good on its own... The Splendid, as James Bond geeks will tell you, was the name of the imposing Baroque hotel in Casino Royale where 007 takes on the terrorist financier Chiffre in a nail-biting poker game. Monte Carlo - Casino Royale Claboo Media. Loading... Unsubscribe from Claboo Media? ... Splendid Monte-Carlo Hotel de Paris - Casino View "Jr. Suite" Tour - Duration: 13:24. TravelWithAlexis ... Merit Poker International €777.000 GTD Gangsters poker series on February 12–19, Merit Casino Royal Splendid - Budva - Montenegro The final scene to the 2006 amazingly brilliant Bond film—Casino Royle. Subscribe to TRAILERS: to COMING SOON: to MOVIE NEWS: Like us on FACEBOOK: ... Montenegro Stars Hotel Group; Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube ... Website: https... HOTEL SPLENDID - Thank you for making our New Year celebration great again. - Duration: 2 minutes, 1 second. ... Splendid Casino Royale - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds. Montenegro Stars Hotel ...